Handheld Meter


Create a low-end and a high-end interface for a revamped line of handheld pocket meters

My Responsibilities

Worked with a UX researcher, industrial designer, and a global team of software and hardware engineers to define the requirements for the handheld meters interface and the membrane overlay.

  • Leveraged findings from competitive usability testing to help inform product requirements.
  • Led weekly virtual sessions to define features and functionality, user and screen flows.
  • Created sitemaps, user and screen flow diagrams, wireframes, and visual designs.
  • Created interactive prototypes from initial concepts for usability testing both in-person and virtual.
  • Revised designs based on feedback from participants during usability testing.
  • Documented thoroughly the entire interface and provided all assets for off-shore development team.
  • Creating an OEM version for another brand.

There were many challenges with this project. Costs needed to be kept low and we were restricted by the number of segments available on the 7-segment interface display and the quality of the displays in general. Due to cost restrictions we needed to keep the button count to four—a challenge to re-use buttons in a way that was intuitive to users.

Regardless of the limitations imposed, the revamped look helped to increase sales and customer feedback was extremely positive.