Create a 5.7" interactive touchscreen display for a new titrator + companion PC software

My Responsibilities

Worked with a UX researcher, industrial designer, product manager and a global team of software and hardware engineers to define the requirements for the titrator and the interface.

  • Leveraged findings from competitive usability testing to help inform product requirements.
  • Led initial 2-day brainstorm session followed by weekly sessions to define features and functionality, user and screen flows.
  • Created sitemaps, screen flow diagrams, wireframes, and visual designs.
  • Created interactive prototypes from initial concepts for usability testing both in-person and virtual.
  • Revised designs based on feedback from participants during usability testing.
  • Documented the entire interface and provided all assets for off-shore development team.
  • Reviewed development in-process to ensure design intent was being followed and offered additional support for revisions or scope changes during product implementation and after launch.

After initial launch of the product, companion desktop software for additional data processing was created.


During usability testing, we discovered that we were not providing enough guidance to the user during the initial setup. To set up a titration there were 3 different things you needed to set, and each of those had multiple parameters. It was confusing to users when they would set the parameters and hit the next button and be shown a screen that was almost identical because there were now more parameters to be set.

We solved this confusion by starting off the process showing 3 clearly marked steps and icons to represent each step so users were aware of what to expect in the coming screens. As the users progressed they could easily see that the step numbers were changing at the top of the screen (step 1 of 3, etc.) along with a different icon to represent what they were setting up. Later testing confirmed that this method cleared up the confusion and our team adopted the same step-by-step process for other products.

Activities and Deliverables