Ultralow-Temperature Freezer


Create a 7" interactive touchscreen display for an updated line of ultra-low temperature freezers

My Responsibilities

Worked with a UX researcher, industrial designer, product manager, and a global team of software and hardware engineers to define the requirements for the freezer and the interface.

  • Led weekly virtual sessions to define features and functionality, user and screen flows.
  • Created sitemaps, user and screen flow diagrams, wireframes, and visual designs.
  • Created interactive prototypes from initial concepts for usability testing both in-person and virtual.
  • Revised designs based on feedback from participants during usability testing.
  • Documented thoroughly the entire interface and provided all assets for off-shore development team.
  • Reviewed development in-process to ensure design intent was being followed and offered additional support for revisions or scope changes during product implementation.

As this was the first product receiving the new visual design language, I also needed to define additional design patterns not provided by the consulting firm who initially created the visual design language for the brand. As we were provided with just screen mockups from the agency, I was responsible for formally documenting the design language for our interfaces and extending it to all products.


During usability testing it became glaringly obvious that users were growing frustrated with inactive buttons—some were pushing harder and harder on the screen in an attempt to get the button to work. From watching these struggles we decided that inactive buttons should display a dismissible message explaining why they were inactive. Later testing confirmed that this simple addition reduced frustration and uncertainty in the interface.